About John Abeling Sculptor

John Abeling is a Vancouver Island sculptor, who works in Marble that he quarries himself. John finds the Rain forest marble in remote areas of Vancouver Island. He believes that sculpting needs to be from conception, by going out and looking for the stone, seeing what could arise from the raw marble, to the beautiful works of fine art it has become.

John was born in Summerland, Okanogan BC Canada and has lived in Campbell River for the past 30 years. His humble beginning was whittling pieces of wood he would find at the time,growing into large pieces of wood and carving and sculpting a work of art. When he met a wonderful lady Babe Gunn, who was a professional sculptor in stone herself. She took john under her wing knowing the born talent he possessed and showed him the way in using the medium Stone, that was over 30 years ago now and John has flourished into a world renowned sculptor. John’s work is widely collected all over the world by private collectors and corporations. His works of fine art are displayed in his home studio and at Painters Lodge in Campbell River BC Canada.

John Sculptures are based on his environment,the connectivity of the earth and wildlife and to his imagination in abstract,along with functional pieces and figurative.
John Abeling’s sculptures are unique and original works of fine art in Marble stone. The stone imposes its own history; with John’s talent he brings the stone to life.